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Baby Leather Peasant Sandals Crafted

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These cute baby shoes, peasant sandals, are traditionally worn with the Eastern Europe’s traditional costumes. They are manually made by traditional Romanian leather artisans. Cute baby shoes, original choice for baby present idea, baby gifts or baby photo props. 100% authentic. Made in Romania.

Today, the ancient crafts are on the verge of being forgotten. We believe in authenticity. We travel to find rare artisans who live in remote areas of Romania. The result of our mission is to make their crafts available to you. We want to raise interest in the age-old methods of production.

We believe in inheritance. Our purpose is to raise awareness of the tendency of abandoning these ancient means of production. Activities, such as loom weaving, fiber spinning, embroidery, stone and wood carving, leather crafting, blacksmithing have become obsolete. If you would like to find out more, please navigate to our Blog.

We aim to encourage the small-scale producer. The humble and very talented artisans deserve our attention. We love to educate our readers toward supporting the small-scale producers.

At Folkage, you will find products produced by modest, skillful hands. They combine art and craftsmanship in a natural manner. The Romanian peasant has always lived a rough life. They had to manually produce their own food and their own clothes. They were producing all the things necessary in a traditional Romanian household. These crafts were learned out of need. They wouldn’t have access or resources to afford “fancy” clothing or home decor. Their clothes were embellished by hand. The household objects were decorated with meaningful, ancient motifs passed down from generations.

Whenever you are ordering from , you are supporting us in our efforts of encouraging these people in their activities, so thank you! We are happy to take custom-made orders and negotiate product quantity orders, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Product Care

An adjustment might affect their value. Therefore, we advice you to keep them as they were ages ago. Do not cut or change fabric, add or remove embroidery. However, if you would like to adjust a blouse, we advice you to sew along where you need the excess taken in, without clipping the excess off. The underskirt (extension/ bottom part) of a blouse can be removed of replaced. Professional dry cleaning. Woolen skirts and garments need constant moth prevention. Use special moth spray;

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